CBD Oil vs CBD Pouches: Which to buy? The UK & Europe Edition.

CBD Oil vs CBD Pouches: Which to buy? The UK & Europe Edition. 

While you've likely heard of the wide ranges and benefits of CBD oils, gummies and vape liquids and CBD pouches are a groundbreaking new way to enjoy the effects of CBD. For the uninitiated, you've probably some questions about what they are and how they work. In this short article, we'll look at why people are choosing CBD pouches over CBD oils.  


What are CBD pouches? 

Simply put, CBD pouches are a small white pouch infused with CBD oil. They work similarly to CBD tinctures, but where this is held under your tongue (sublingual), CBD pouches are kept against your lip (buccal). This has the advantage over CBD gummies, drinks or edibles in that it bypasses the digestion system, increasing bioavailability and the effects of the cannabidiol. 

Image showing person with CBD effects on system

They're also completely free of nicotine and tobacco, so there's no worry of addiction or any adverse health effects associated with tobacco use, and there's no need to spit! If you're looking to cut down on your nicotine intake or want an on-the-go way of enjoying CBD, they're a perfect balance. 


Why do people use CBD pouches? 

Cannabidiol pouches are made for convenience and generally on-the-go use. We designed these little bundles of joy with a range of different people in mind, but the two important activities for us were: 


Exercise recovery

Whether you're a runner, swimmer (or even budding rock climber), CBD is known for helping with exercise recovery. Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can help relieve delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise-induced muscle damage, which typically occurs after physical activity due to microscopic damage to muscle fibres. In addition, CBD's healing properties are thought to reduce muscle pain and bodily aches and inflammation. With CBD pouches, you're able to enjoy the effects of CBD while you're exercising, helping with recovery when you most need it. 

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Our HQ is divided on the idea of routines. Some of us slow-starters prefer a morning coffee in bed, a relaxing shower and some CBD oil after brushing our teeth. Others are quite literally straight out of bed and out of the door (still wearing pyjamas underneath their jackets...) To help this fast and furious crowd, we created CBD pouches that are perfect for on-the-go everyday use. Whether on a plane, train, automobile, tank or hang-glider, CBD pouches are much more discrete than chewing gum, so you can enjoy them wherever your journey takes you. 


Why Choose CBD oil over cannabidiol pouches?

One of the unique advantages of CBD oil over pouches is its easy ability to your home routine. And if you're someone who has trouble sleeping, a few drops of CBD before bedtime can work wonders. 


CBD & Sleep

When we sleep, we begin to restore and create balance in the network of our bodies various systems (immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular). These are vital for maintaining our mood, memory, cognitive and other essential functions, ensuring that we're refreshed and renewed for the next day. 

Illustration of moon showing sleep related to CBD

CBD has been shown to decrease the amount of time we spend in REM sleep and boost the amount of time in a state called NREM Stage 3 (otherwise known as "deep sleep"). During deep sleep, the brain, body temperature and heart rate fall, as the brain is using less energy, which promotes a better night's rest overall. 


How do you use CBD pouches? 

Similar to nicotine pouches (more on these here), CBD pouches are pretty easy to use. 

Pop open the CBD pouch can and take one bag, and place it under your lip. The snug shape provides a comfortable fit between the gum and the upper lip (whichever side you choose). If you prefer it next to your lower lip, that's fine too! Once it's there, it's completely discrete; others won't notice it's even there. Now relax and enjoy the CBD experience. Or stay on the move; it makes no difference. You can talk, laugh, and even cry (if that's your bag); your CBD pouch won't get in your way. 

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