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Strength + Flavour + Duration = &BOOST+

This week marks the release of Boost+ — a great-tasting, premium swiss-made nicotine that packs a punch in every white pouch. We can't tell you how excited we are to finally show you our brand-spanking-new range of max strength nicotine pouches. So if you're an experienced nicotine pouch user, you'll want to read on!

Berry flavoured nicotine pouch, &Boost+

Intensity that doesn't sacrifice flavour

You've probably seen the gamut of nicotine pouches that are extra strong but taste like an industrial cleaner. Awful. We had these products on the tip of our tongue when crafting &Boost+. So from the get-go, we looked at how we could produce a powerful 15mg nicotine buzz while retaining the mouth-watering flavour profiles you know and love.


Safety First, Really.

For us, it's all about combining safety with joy. We're a little like a bungee cord company (bear with the analogy here). We wanted to create a nicotine pouch that won't break on you, and that's safe to use for extended periods while still providing the refreshing thrill of a heightened experience (see, metaphors as consistent as our pouches ;)

Introducing &Boost+ the first nicotine pouch with a lockable, child-resistant can

An element of safety comes from the quality of our ingredients, but it's more than that. There are many pouches on the market where the nicotine concentrations could, on one end, make you nauseous and on the other, prove fatal. Unfortunately, the lack of official regulation leaves the playing field wide open for poorly designed, inadequately tested, unsafe nicotine pouches.

We aim to do something very different. We want to make sure you know what you're taking and how it will make you feel - helping you find what's best for you (check out our articles at the bottom of the page for a list).

Cans you'll want to keep.

Moreover, you've probably noticed the new metal finish of our cans that's like a cross between a luxury caviar tin and a tobacco holder? We loved these keepsakes as kids. Not only are they sustainable packaging, but they use a child-resistant lock (the first of its kind), which ensures you can keep these mighty little pouches out of smaller hands.


Made for the rush, on the go.

As with our other nicotine and CBD pouches, these pillows of joy are made for travel. The simple ingredients mean each pouch is odourless, and there's nothing to stain teeth, providing a neat and discrete way to enjoy nicotine for whatever you're doing - from flying planes to potholing.

The new &Boost+ nicotine pouch - fresh citrus flavour

TLDR; what can you expect from &Boost+

  • Slim, all white​, no teeth staining
  • Super-soft small pouches​
  • High-grade, non-toxic ingredients
  • 15mg nicotine per pouch (27mg per gram)​
  • Premium, swiss-made nicotine
  • 20 pouches per can
  • Awesome metallic tin with child-lock

What nicotine pouches are suitable for me?

We've written extensively on our pouch contents, nicotine strengths and finding reputable companies, so we'd recommend doing a little research and educating yourself on the subject. To collate the articles for you, check out:

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