On Nicotine Pouches: What's the Best Strength and Dosage for Me?

What's the best strength and dosage for me?

Whether you're an ex-smoker or vaper, someone who's just looking to cut down or who enjoys the feeling of a discrete nicotine pouch — we've got the perfect concentration for you. Each of our Vibes ranges from less intense to strong. The strength you choose is entirely up to you and typically depends on how much nicotine you already use. We'd recommend starting light and seeing what works!

&Focus | Light
Containing an average of 6mg nicotine, &Focus is excellent for taking the edge off and relaxing into your day. Find out more about &Focus here

&Boost | Strong
At 10mg, &Boost packs an intense kick that leads to heightened relaxation that lasts. Find out more about &Boost.

&Boost+ | Extra Strong
For fans of the max strength, &Boost+ harnesses 15mg to deliver a powerful burst of flavour and the rush of the nicotine hit. Check it out here. 


When should I take nicotine pouches?

When you take a pouch depends entirely on you and your routine. Many of our customers use one alongside their morning coffee, others when they're out and about. If you're using them as a smoking or vaping alternative, try to use one whenever you get the urge for a cigarette. You shouldn't need more than one pouch every hour. Typically, a can should last 1-2 days.

Where can I take nicotine pouches?

One of the reasons many snus, vape and cigarette users turn to nicotine pouches is that they can pretty much be used anywhere. They're discrete, convenient and provide a great, long-lasting taste and effect wherever you are, whenever you like.

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