Can I get addicted to Nicotine pouches? Why do people take them?

Can I get addicted to Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine is an addictive substance, so yes, you can become hooked. However, many people stop using pouches when they feel they no longer need them. In a nicotine pouch, it takes longer for nicotine to reach the brain and to give you a nicotine hit.

This can mean it’s easier to stop using pouches than it is to stop smoking. Some people may continue to use them for longer, possibly because they are addicted to nicotine, but this is still thought to be safer than using tobacco products.

What is addictive about nicotine? 

Nicotine addiction stems from both habitual and chemical use. Nicotine produces pleasing and stimulating effects in your brain, but these effects are temporary. So you require more of it.


Are nicotine pouches more addictive than cigarettes?

Illustration showing cigarettes and the word "no"

In our experience, most people using nicotine pouches do not become dependent on them like they do with cigarettes. 

If you're trying to quit smoking, one off the greatest challenges with using nicotine pouches is that many people don't use it for long enough. You should use your nicotine replacement for as long as you need to prevent you going back to smoking.

One 2019 study suggests that "nicotine pouches were as effective or more effective at reducing craving and favoured by smokers." As nicotine pouches contain none of the adverse chemicals of cigarettes, they are much less harmful than smoking. 

Why do people take nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches provide a discrete and convenient way to enjoy nicotine without many of the niggling annoyances of other methods. The main benefits our customers suggest are:

No smoke & no smell.
As nicotine is absorbed orally, there's no smoke or horrible smell. As they're longer-lasting, they provide a feel-good hit without the gasp.

Enjoy anytime & anywhere.
Each pouch fits snugly under your lip and allowing you to concentrate on whatever you're doing with discretion and without distraction.

No teeth staining.
Unlike smoking or snus, pouches contain no tobacco, so you don't stain your teeth. The natural flavours melt into your background, helping you find your frame of mind.

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