How do Nicotine and CBD pouches work?

Nicotine and CBD pouches are an excellent alternative to smoking and vaping - whether you're watching a film, working out, or paragliding over the Alps - maybe even all three at the same time (careful now). But how do the pouches work? Here’s a brief lesson in biology 101.

The science behind nicotine and CBD pouches

Essentially, the inside of your mouth is padded with a tissue called the mucosa. This tissue has multiple glands that keep the texture of your mouth moist, helping you digest food and generally keeping your mouth a clean space. The tissue in your mouth is also highly absorbent and has quick access to your bloodstream. It's here where the pouch's juices enter your bloodstream - whether sublingually, buccally, or through digestion.


The Sublingual method (latin for 'under the tongue') is usually associated with oils or tinctures and involves placing a few drops beneath your tongue and letting it dissolve and diffuse into your bloodstream. You’ll find this method most useful for &CALM.


Buccal (latin for 'in the cheek') absorption is pretty similar to sublingual, only here it's your lip and cheek that absorbs the nicotine or CBD. This is the method associated with enjoying pouches, so &BOOST, &FOCUS or &CHILL.


In the digestion method, absorption occurs after swallowing the fluid compound (which occurs, typically, after the two above methods). FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND GENERAL HAPPINESS: DON’T SWALLOW THE POUCHES - IT’S THE LIQUID MIX WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. As the compound has to make the long journey through your body before reaching your bloodstream, it becomes less effective. That's why the sublingual method (for CBD oils) and the Buccal method (for pouches) are the most effective way of finding your vibe. Now go forth with your new found knowledge, and enjoy!

Find Your Vibe

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