What are disposable vapes? A guide to e-cigs, vape bars and e-liquids


If you're shopping around for a type of vape that provides a satisfying mouthfeel with no maintenance - you're probably looking to buy a disposable vape pen, bar, e-cig - whatever you'd like to call it. But what actually are these magic wands of vapour? So whether you're entirely new to vaping or count yourself a vapour veteran, if you're looking for the skinny on disposable vapes, read on!


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What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vape bars and pens are pretty similar to e-cigarettes, but they're typically thinner, smaller, and more discrete. Behind that small size, they pack next-gen vaping technology, but to keep it simple, they include:

Tank: Contains the juice (or e-liquid) that gets vaporised during combustion
Coil: The heating element (also known as the atomiser head) which steams nicotine juice/liquid and turns it to vapour
Battery: The pre-charged battery powers the coil
Airflow inhaler: This modulates the amount of vapour you breathe in

The main difference between typical vape pens and disposable vapes is that the latter arrives pre-charged with a flavoured juice already inside, so you're ready to go straight from the box. In addition, while most disposable vapes last for 200 puffs, we're happy to report: ours last for double the amount of time, giving you more vape and more enjoyment.

How do disposable vapes work?

A disposable Vape Pen works using an electronic battery (usually lithium-ion) to power a coil that vaporises an e-liquid, creating a flavoured vapour. This vapour contains nicotine, and it's inhaled similarly to a cigarette (but lacks those 20+ harmful chemicals found in smoking tobacco). Disposable vape pens are useable straight from the pack and can be simply disposed of when used.

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What ingredients are in vape juice and e-liquids?

There's a lot of misinformation and weird ideas about the contents of e-liquids which creates anxiety and concern over what goes into vape pens. However, when it comes to the constituents of your vape liquid, always keep in mind the mantra: the fewer the ingredients, the better.

Nicotine Salt
Nicotine is the essential and primary ingredient in e-liquids. For centuries, the substance has been used for its stimulating and relaxing properties, but it's also addictive (we're sure you already knew that!). It's extracted from tobacco plants and distilled into a nic salt, which allows it to be pH balanced (creating a more smooth experience when you inhale and ensuring the nicotine concentration is correct).

Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol is an organic compound and transparent liquid. It acts as the carrier for nicotine salts and flavouring (basically holding the whole liquid together). As a food-grade substance, you'll find it in everything from toothpaste to preservatives for food. The UK medical community also recognises propylene glycol as "safe for use".

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Vegetable Glycerin
As the name suggests, Vegetable Glycerin (or glycerine) is an extract from plants. This ingredient produces the cloud when vaping. As a food-grade substance, it's often used as a thickening agent in foods, toothpaste and medications.

One of the best things about vaping is the wide choice of delicious-tasting juices, and that's all down to flavourings. E-liquid, up until now, doesn't have much taste on its own, so it's flavoured with food-grade additives.


Are disposable vapes safe?

It's these additives where some of the health concerns for vaping started. Namely, as some ingredients are safe to consume but not to inhale – diacetyl (found in making buttery popcorn), diketones and even natural flavours like vanilla are all on this list. However, the industry is pretty vigorous at self-regulating and eliminating additives where there are concerns. The fundamental rule here is that if you're unsure whether you can trust the flavours, look for third-party testing. This means the e-juice has been independently verified that they're safe for vaping. You'll find that with all V&YOU e-liquids.

How do I use my disposable vape?

They couldn't be simpler to use. Just put the vape spout to your lips and breathe in. The device automatically activates, sending heat to the coil and vapourising the liquid. We recommend the same length of drag you might on a cigarette, but unlike burning tobacco, you'll taste the delicious flavours of the vape juice (we've six different delicious concoctions for you to try). So the experience should be smooth and clean with good taste.

And when you're done? Exhale! The vape automatically switches off after you've inhaled.

Our disposable vapes are sold as ready-to-use and good-to-go. This makes them highly convenient and straightforward to use. While most typical vape kits are button-operated and contain mods, some even require refilling and changing the coils, but all disposable vapes are draw-activated.

What's the history of disposable vape pens?

Disposable vapes are the newest creation in a long line of innovations in the nicotine industry. Electronic cigarettes have been in the making since the 1960s, but it wasn't until 2003 that Hon Lik, a Chinese 52-year-old pharmacist (and long-term smoker), invented a portable e-cig that they began to take off. Lik supposedly created the device after his father (also a heavy smoker) died of lung cancer. His breakthrough came in 2003 when he struck upon the idea of using an ultrasound element to vaporise nicotine in a device that slightly resembled a cigarette.

Today's vape pens are a bit different. They now use battery-powered heating elements to extract and evaporate the liquid nicotine. As the liquid is heated, the extract evaporates and efficiently releases nicotine into your body.

Is there any difference between vaporisers, e-cigarettes and vapes?

E-cigarettes and vape pens have many different names, and the terms have become virtually interchangeable. As a result, you'll find many other definitions now used to describe them - from vape bars to epens. There's also a wide variety of shapes and sizes of vape pens - some resembling pens or USB sticks and others that we think look like rocket ships.

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What are the benefits of disposable vapes?

Disposable vape pens are proving hugely popular for numerous reasons. We're sure you can work out why for yourself, but as many of you asked - here are a few reasons why people are buying disposable vapes.

Ready to use straight away
Once you receive your disposable vape bar, you can start vaping instantly. You don't need to mess around with charging or refilling the vape bar with juice, as they come pre-charged and pre-filled.

Disposable vapes taste better
With mods and DIY vape devices, you have to replace the coil, and clean out the icky mess from inside the tank to ensure a consistently good vaping experience. And that's not great when you're busy or on the road; disposable vapes taste invariably good because they're engineered for this.

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Filled with flavour
Seeing as many people use vaping as an alternative to smoking to help them quit, the fact that they are filled with high-quality, delicious liquids makes them a great option to stave off tobacco and nicotine cravings.

No wires, no chargers
Disposable vape pens are kitted out with pre-charged batteries, which means you don't have to worry about the battery running low - perfect for taking one with you wherever you go.

Lightweight and compact
We've seen some of the gigantic vaping mods on the market. Unfortunately, many look more like futuristic lightsabers than something you might want to puff on. Luckily, disposable vapes are incredibly lightweight and are easily pocketable.

Incredibly discreet
We've engineered our vapes to be pretty discreet, making them ideal for most places and settings.

Why choose a disposable vape pen?

Disposable vape pens are the perfect choice for anyone new to or even those experienced using vape devices. They're perfect for beginners and ex-smokers as they are charged and pre-filled, so you don't need to worry about assembly, adding sticky juices or finding a plug socket before using them.

Compact, lightweight and discreet, disposable vapes are a great travelling companion. All our vapes come pre-filled with flavouring and nicotine salts, which is ideal for those looking to find an alternative and substitute to smoking. Why not check out our ranges today!

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