What are snus and nicotine pouches?

Replacement treatments have been used for several years now to assist people to kick the habit of smoking, improve their health and manage their addition.

There have been many types of products developed, from the original gums and lozenges through to mists, vaping products, e-cigarettes and more. One of the more modern methods involves placing pouches directly into the mouth so that the user can absorb the nicotine along with a sweet-tasting companion product.

There are two different types of pouches that are used to help quit smoking and manage withdrawals: snus and nicotine pouches. And they each have key differences that should be noted before choosing one to help quit the habit for good.


Pronounced snoose, as in rhymes with moose, is a minty powder that you put under your tongue to get your hit while getting a fresh mouth feel at the same time. While it is relatively new in many parts of the world, this is a method of ingesting nicotine that has been around in some cultures for a very long time.

It is a tobacco-based product, usually made from the leaves of the plant. It is typically made in Sweden and sold in Nordic countries where it's proved popular for centuries. To use, a portion of moist tobacco is placed under the top lip next to the user's teeth while the nicotine is absorbed into the blood cells.

Pure nicotine pouches work in a similar way to snus but are free of tobacco and contain only the nicotine ingredient. This is extracted from the tobacco plant and crystalised into a type of salt, excluding any plant matter. The products are then filled with cellulose granules to thicken the pouch and flavouring is added.



When it comes to how you use these two products and the effect they have on you, the differences are minimal.

The major difference between the two is that pouches contain nicotine but are free of tobacco. Snus or tobacco pouches contain both. Both products are placed in the mouth the same way, both leave a fresh taste in your mouth and both will relieve withdrawals and give you a boost like other similar products.

The key diffsess or consume snus, its sale has been banned in the EU since 1992. It can now only be purchased in Sweden. As there is no tobacco in nicotine pouches, they are legal in the UK and EU.

 So that means in the UK and EU you are free to consume either product but you might find it difficult to get snus compared to the more widely-available pouches like these. But the good news is there are no major differences between them so you can safely and legally purchase snus pouches for a safer alternative than smoking cigarettes.

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