Why do some nicotine pouches burn my gums? Do I need to spit?

Why do some nicotine pouches burn my gums?

The spicy or chilli effect of some nicotine pouches is the equivalent of Marmite for many — some love this slight burning effect while others prefer a milder touch, but where does the sensation come from?

It's the effect of nicotine on the membranes in your gum, alongside sodium carbonate (also known as soda), which is used to help increase the bioavailability of nicotine and reduces the overall acidity. We keep the amount of sodium carbonate low so you can really enjoy the taste while reducing any irritation you might feel. 

As your gums become used to this effect, the sensation begins to subside (usually after a week or so of enjoying them). For those that love tingling effect, we'd recommend trying our &Boost Mint flavour for its burst of spearmint!


Do I need to spit with Nicotine pouches? 

We know spitting is pretty gross. One of the biggest myths about nicotine pouches is the need to spit. So to reiterate (hopefully for the final time), there's no need to spit with nicotine pouches. 

The misconception stems from chewing tobacco (the kind you probably have seen in old Western films and often the major reason for the saloon bars having a spittoon). There's also sometimes the need to spit with Swedish and American snus (what is Snus you ask? check out our article on it here). This is due to the tobacco creating excessive saliva which creates an irritant effect on the esophagus. Essentially, this results in making you want to spit. 

With white nicotine pouches, the contents of the pouch stays inside and so there are no irritating chemicals that cause that horrible excess saliva. Happy days! We also know the finished pouch can be difficult to get rid of. That's why we added a little 'catch lid' in the top of the can. Seriously, these little bundles of joy are convenient, discrete and can be enjoyed anywhere. We hope you like them! 


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