Are disposable vape pens, bars, e-cigs and e-liquid juice safe?

Are disposable vape pens, bars, e-cigs and e-liquid juice safe?

If you're wondering about the safety and legality of your potential purchases, you're in the right place. It's a question that's definitely worth asking before you purchase any disposable vape.

This is because all disposable vape products legally sold in the UK need to follow the regulations for approval by two regulatory bodies, TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) and MHRA.

In Europe, it's a little different - The European Comission has set a directive which provides a max nicotine concentration and volume for e-liquid tanks. It also must be child-resistant and the e-liquid must be of a high purity. Here at V&YOU, we strictly adhere to these guidelines and have created many more of our own. 

Are disposable vape pens safe?

Many vaping concerns often stem from a lack of transparency which causes confusion surrounding e-liquids. While the long-term effects of vapour are still being studied, e-cigs, vape pens or bars are somewhat straightforward in their design. Hidden behind the plastic casing of the vape pen, there's a lithium-ion battery, a tank (which holds the liquid), a coil to heat the e-juice and a mouthpiece.

The e-liquid itself contains four ingredients:
Nicotine salts (extracted from tobacco)
Vegetable glycerin
Propylene glycol

If you're ever unsure about a company, we recommend checking the ingredients list and confirming they have independent third-party testing with their disposable vaping technology. This hel[s ensure you're buying a vape from a reputable source. 

Are vape pens addictive?

As the main ingredient in vape pens is nicotine, disposable vape pens are addictive. It's why they are intended for use by adults, and typically those who are ex-smokers and looking to quit. They're also not for use by minors or anyone with lung problems - where it can exacerbate any current issues.

Do disposable vapes contain tobacco?

We've been asked this question many times (mainly in tandem with our Nicotine Pouches), and we can see where the confusion stems from. While some vape liquids may be tobacco flavoured, we do not use tobacco in any of our e-liquids or juices; we use extracted nicotine salts that, while addictive (as we're sure you know), have been legally approved for use in e-liquids.

Are disposable vape pens as harmful as smoking?

While more research is being carried out into the effects of e-liquid and vaping, the governing body for UK health, Public Health England, found that:

Smoking remains the greatest single risk factor for death and years of life lived in ill health and is a leading cause of health inequalities in England and other parts of the world. Alternative nicotine delivery devices, such as nicotine vaping products, could play a crucial role in reducing the enormous health burden caused by cigarette smoking.

They also found that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco, which causes more than 7 million deaths globally per year and 78,000 in the UK. This doesn't consider the 50 severe health conditions linked to cigarettes and the irreversible long-term damage to your health.

Does vaping cause lung illnesses?

You've probably heard about vaping causing lung illnesses. However, studies found that the cases were linked to low-quality, contaminated and illegal products. This is important as there has been no direct correlation between vaping regularly or long term use. Furthermore, there has been no similar case in the UK, and the chemicals thought to create lung illnesses are banned in e-cigarettes here. This is just another reason why it's essential to buy your disposable vapes from a reputable source. We provide third-party independent testing to ensure you consistently receive the best disposable vapes and the best vaping experience.

Does vaping cause popcorn lung?

Popcorn lung (also known as bronchiolitis obliterans) is a sporadic lung disease. One of the causes of this condition can be breathing in a chemical called diacetyl. The reason for the name? The condition was discovered when a group of workers in a popcorn factory found they were having difficulty breathing.

The UK has some of the strictest licencing laws of chemicals globally. For example, diacetyl is a banned liquid in all vapes, so vapes in the UK should not contain the chemical and are quickly reported to the relevant authorities when they do. This is why it's imperative to check the ingredients list before buying disposable vapes (and checking for reputable, independent testing of the vape juice).

Do disposable vapes explode?

Of the many vaping myths, this tends to be a prominent one. These stories came about because of many substandard vaping devices and counterfeit vape pens (that haven't been independently verified for safety). Just as your mobile phone might explode if it gets wet, is poor quality or is charged with a low-quality device, it's crucial to care for your device. The stories of vape pens exploding are often because they are overcharged or placed near combustible materials. This creates heat and could lead to an internal fire and a potential explosion within the device.

However, our vaping devices require no charging or refilling, so the central operating issues are solved. Secondly, our devices are independently batch-checked for quality and safety before sending them out, so breathe deep - you don't need to worry about our disposable vapes; look after them and ensure you give them the proper care.


Are disposable vapes legal in the UK and Europe? Will they be banned?

Yes, disposable vapes are legal for selling and use in the UK and Europe. There are no pending laws, legislation or policy to ban disposable vapes. If you're travelling internationally, it's always a good idea to check the country's laws. And if you're purchasing disposable vape bars online? The internet can be a bit of a Wild West when finding high-quality disposable vape bars, e-cigs or pens, so it's crucial you do a little research and purchase your disposable vape from a reputable source. Also, ensure that the ingredients are listed and that the device is independently verified for use.


Tips for Using Disposable Vapes Safely

  1. Ensure you purchase your vape from a reputable manufacturer who tests their products. 
  2. Keep your disposable vapes away from fire.
  3. Keep your disposable vape away from water sources. 
  4. When you finish with your vape, ensure you dispose of it properly. 
  5. Don't try to take apart or disassemble your device.

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