What are CBD and Nicotine Pouches?

What are nicotine and CBD pouches?

For those who aren't familiar, nicotine and CBD pouches are small white bags placed under the upper lip and exude nicotine for up to an hour. They are smoke and tobacco-free, and the user doesn't smoke or swallow the pouch, making them extremely easy and discrete to use even in public. A person can place the pouch under their lip quickly and easily and get a hit of nicotine without anyone even knowing.

Nicotine pouches don't contain any tobacco as they're made up of nicotine, water, flavourings and sweeteners, so they are considered a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.

While CBD pouches don't contain any nicotine, they're also a viable alternative to smoking marijuana or weed (though they don't contain any THC - the compound that gets you high). In addition, they are available in a variety of strengths and flavours to cater to every need, which has made them increasingly popular in Europe.

Why do people use CBD and nicotine pouches?

These max strength cannabidiol pouches are made for convenience and on-the-go use. We designed these little bundles of joy with a range of different people who'd like to buy and enjoy CBD, but the two important activities for us were:


Whether you're a runner, swimmer (or even budding rock climber), CBD is popular with people who like to work out, exercise and live life to the full. With CBD pouches, you're able to enjoy the effects of CBD while you're exercising, helping with recovery when you most need it.

With nicotine pouches, it's a little different. Pouches provide the stimulation of nicotine without inhaling smoke and other harmful chemicals - perfect if you're looking to save your lungs or heart from those toxins. 


Whether you're someone who likes to take it slow in the mornings or is up and out the door at the crack of dawn, we created nicotine and CBD pouches that are perfect for on-the-go everyday use. Whether on a plane, train, automobile, hang-glider, our pouches are much more discreet than chewing gum, so you can enjoy them wherever your journey takes you.

No stains

One of the most popular reasons for using CBD and nicotine pouches over cigarettes is chiefly that they don't leave gross stains on fingers, and users don't seem to suffer stained teeth either (not to mention the unpleasant smell left behind on clothes and hair after smoking). In addition, the fact that you can easily control the amount of CBD and nicotine you take means you can lower your dosage and wean off nicotine if you try to quit.


Why do you make CBD and nicotine pouches?

As a team of ex-smokers, we grew pretty tired of the exorbitant prices and taxes, the narrowing down of locations to where we could smoke to our own homes - not to mention the actual effects of cigarettes on our own lives. That's why we created V&YOU CBD and nicotine pouches. While tobacco pouches and snus have been around since the 19th Century, nicotine pouches are entirely different, and we think the future of how we enjoy nicotine and cannabidiol.

A nicotine pouch is a vape-free, smoke-free and tobacco-free way of enjoying nicotine without the need for you to stop what you're doing. To us, that's a game-changer. We wanted to create something that's soft on the gums, that's discrete and easy to use and actually tastes great. That's where &BOOST, &FOCUS and now, &CHILL (nicotine) comes in.

When should I take CBD and nicotine pouches?

Taking a pouch depends entirely on you and what works for you. Many of our customers enjoy a pouch alongside their morning tea or coffee, others when they're hitting the road. If you're using them as a smoking or vaping alternative, try to use one whenever you get the urge for a cigarette. You shouldn't need more than one pouch every hour. Typically, one can of pouches should last 1-2 days.

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