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Your leading wholesale distributor of CBD oil products in the UK

Not only does V&YOU supply wholesale CBD oil products for commercial and retail purposes in the UK, but we are also certified to provide discount deals for those looking to distribute and sell these products on their own.
We have done the hard work, sourcing the most reputable products locally and from throughout Europe so customers are assured of safe, legal and quality products.

You can contact the team at V&YOU to discuss bulk purchases with discounts available and we are also available to provide advice on the regulations surrounding the industry and your obligations. Choosing to stock and sell these products is proving to be a popular option as well, with many UK residents flocking to trial these formulas.

The popularity of wholesale CBD oil is rising

News of the benefits that this product offers has been spreading and more and more people in the UK (and around the world) are looking to trial these products and experience these benefits for themselves.

From 2017-19 CBD sales doubled in the UK with the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis conducting research that has shown there are 1.3 million regular users and a total of 6 million people who have tried it between 2018-29.

That means the sale of CBD now eclipses the combined sales of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D and the industry is expected to be valued at almost £1 billion by 2025.

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis stated in their report that reputable vendors had played a key role in this growth, by ensuring quality control measures were up to standard and that customers were getting quality, safe products.

This is a vital reason why you should seek out wholesale CBD oils suppliers like us to fulfil your needs. You are getting the quality assurance measures taken care of and you can provide your customers with reputable products which will help the industry expand.

CBD oil wholesale UKWhat you need to know

While the sale, possession and ingestion of products like cannabidiol oil are legal in the UK, there are plenty of rules and regulations that you need to adhere to. The first and most important regulation is that all these products are to be totally free of the psychoactive THC component of the marijuana plant.

You are limited to the information you can use in your advertising and marketing (no medical claims) while there are also recommended dosage limits to adhere to. Oils designed for vaping purposes need to comply with the non-nicotine e-liquid regulations.

For the most detailed and up-to-date information, you can refer to the Government's Drug Licensing Factsheet- Cannabis, CBD and other cannabinoids. But remember this regulatory framework surrounding CBD is ever-evolving and there are many announcements expected to come in the near future so it is important to stay abreast of the latest news.

For more information on how you can access our range of products at wholesale rates, get in touch with our helpful team.

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