What are the best nicotine pouches of 2022?

What are your the best Nicotine Pouches in 2022? 

So, we asked the V&YOU community to choose their best nicotine pouches for 2022 (and preferred pouch flavours), and the results are in!

We found that everyone has their particular strength and tastes when it comes to pouches which makes sense - some of you are enjoying these little pillows of joy as they're tobacco-free, helping stave off smoking cravings; others love the strength and buzz (there's also a few of the wild bunch that chose flavour over everything!)

What makes a good nicotine pouch?

Illustration showing confusion over nicotine pouches

You've probably heard the horror stories surrounding low-quality nicotine pouches. Recently, a few news stories have caught our attention, like this one in the Daily Express.

TL;DR: some sellers have been illegally selling products with almost toxic levels of nicotine (not to mention varying milligrams per pouch); others are just poorly made - if you've ever had a pouch split in your mouth, you'll know what we mean. So what's important to look for when choosing a pouch? Here's the skinny:

Check the ingredients list.

Make sure your choice of nicotine pouch has all the ingredients listed and, fundamentally, that they don't contain tobacco or any other nasty additives or chemicals. Need a list of what a nicotine pouch should contain? We've got you covered - clickety-click here.

Check their quality control processes.

This is a big one. While you're not eating the nicotine pouch, you're still consuming the nicotine content. With a poorly run manufacturer, you're running the risk of chemical or bacterial contamination or just badly made nicotine pouches. So, check what quality systems they have in place. Here's Our Promise as a reference point.

Check the dosage

It’s a good idea to get a handle on the different strengths and concentrations before choosing a nicotine pouch. There can be a delicate balance between getting a hit and feeling weird. More isn’t always better! If you’re new to nicotine pouches, we recommend starting low and seeing how you feel after half an hour. You can always move on up afterwards.

Independent testing

Third-party testing is not required by law, but it’s worth its weight in gold when choosing a good nicotine pouch (we’re sure this sounds boring but trust us, it’s worth checking!). By undergoing testing, it shows the company’s commitment to producing the best and highest quality nicotine pouches.

One objective indicator of product quality is a Certificate of Analysis (COA), awarded by independent third-party companies. At V&YOU, we use two independent labs, which check for safety, compliance, consistency - ensuring you get a pure and effective nicotine pouch.

Who owns the company?

We're sure you can make up your own mind on who you buy nicotine pouches from, but do you really want to invest in Big Tobacco? We think you should know who's making your pouches.

In recent years, the 'big four' tobacco companies (PMI, BAT, JTI, Imperial Brands) shifted their focus from cigarettes to nicotine pouches. Here's the roll call:

British American Tobacco  own Lyft and Velo nicotine pouches
Imperial Tobacco  own ZoneX nicotine pouches
Japan Tobacco International  make Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches
Swedish Match  make Zyn and General nicotine pouches
Altria (Previously Philip Morris Companies)  own 80% in On! nicotine pouches.

As for V&YOU? We're independently owned, and we've never manufactured tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, snus. Remember, you always have a choice over what you buy and who you invest in.

The Best Nicotine Pouch for Strength: &BOOST+ (15mg)

&BOOST+ is the newest addition to our ranges but weirdly, has been already one of the most popular. Many of our fans requested an extra-strength pouch for seasoned pouchers, so we designed &BOOST+ with a potent 15 mg of nicotine. For lovers of maximum strength, &BOOST+ delivers a powerful burst of flavour, and the rush of the nicotine hit.

The Best Nicotine Pouch for a long-lasting rush: &BOOST (10mg)

&Boost is popular with the outdoors crowd, which we think makes sense - when we're in the thick of something, we often want to experience a better mood now. Not only does research show that happy people experience many benefits due to their happiness, but happiness just feels good. At 10mg, &BOOST packs an intense kick for heightened relaxation that lasts.

The Best Nicotine Pouch for concentration: &FOCUS (6mg)

As the name suggests, this is deeply popular with people getting their heads down to study or doing something creative. Ever have one of those days when you can't seem to find focus? When you fritter away your time on nothingnesses, distractions, or procrastinate without really doing something meaningful? Yep, we do too! Containing an average of 6mg nicotine &FOCUSis fantastic for supporting concentration and sharpening your centre of attention when you need it most.

Best Nicotine Pouch flavours 2022

We were really interested to know your favourite nicotine pouch flavours (especially as we’ve just added another three to our roster. So, you had these to choose from:

&BOOST+ original nicotine pouch flavours

Berry / Juicy strawberry & raspberry with a touch of summer fruits.
Mint / Clean menthol infused with a refreshing burst of peppermint.
Citrus / Bright, sunny lemon with a zest of zingy lime.
Natura / Grassy and smoothly nutty, just as nature intended.
Flavour-free / The perfect extra to your coffee, baking or cocktails.

Recently, we added a tingling tastebud flavour range to our nicotine pouches:

&Focus nicotine pouch new flavours

Blueberry Ice / A fresh and juicy twist of sweet berries and mint
Grape Soda / Tangy, sweet grapes blended with a bubbly soda touch
Spearmint / Deep, rich mint and a breath of sweetness.

So, who won?

*Insert drumroll here*

Your top nicotine pouch flavours for 2021 to 2022 are:

1. Mint
2. Grape Soda
3. Citrus
4. Spearmint
5. Blueberry Ice

We're kinda blown away by these choices. Several of them are completely new and have already taken a space in the top flavours of our nicopods. Those adventurers who have moved from mint to spearmint are living on the edge. We wonder what next year will bring! 

New nicotine pouches on the horizon: stay tuned!

We don't want to ruin the surprise, but we're launching a new range in the coming weeks. It's a tight-lipped secret at the moment but watch this space. All we’ll say is get ready to chill...

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