We know we offer premium quality, safe and compliant products.

However, this is not good enough. We want you to know as well.

Our promise to you: Transparency on our products ingredients and processes.

From our sourcing right through to our final products for you.

All our ingredients are purposefully sourced to ensure premium quality.

Our Manufacturers have strict Quality Management Systems installed.

We use accredited laboratories and scientists to conduct independent product testing and toxicology.

Lab results for each product are accessible for you in the product description.

We have set up an independent advisory panel of industry leading scientists and experts, to ensure superior quality for you as our consumer, the efficacy of our product and the legitimacy of our industry.

The Swiss Based Scientific Project and Portfolio Management consultancy are supporting Vilosophy in the co-ordination of Scientific and Quality matters to create a joined up approach across the portfolio and the regulatory regimens. The team offer significant experience in interesting areas including vaping and oral pouch products.

BlueVector is an Edinburgh-based life science consultancy that supports Vilosophy, and its V&YOU Brand, to help ensure products included in their range  are safe.  As independent members of our advisory panel, advising Vilosophy on Toxicology, they tell us what we need to know to ensure we keep our Tribe safe. The team at Bluevector have many years cross-industry experience and have worked  in vaping and related sectors.

Eos Scientific are an established Analytical and Regulatory compliance partner that support Vilosophy in the development and testing of products for the V&YOU range.  Their testing is focused on ensuring the claims we make are reflected in our products consistency.

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