What are the best CBD pouches to buy in the UK?

What are the best CBD pouches to buy in the UK?

After the popularity of our article on the "top nicotine pouches to buy" (thanks everyone for your feedback - we love the ongoing controversy between the Berry Brigade and the Citrus Circus!), we thought we'd look in detail at our CBD pouch collection.

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The main difference between nicotine and CBD pouches is that there really aren't too many regulated retailers of CBD pouches in the UK - especially ones like ours (cannabidiol pouches that don't contain nicotine or THC). As one of their original creators, we're as surprised as you! This does mean you have to be a little more discerning to ensure you're getting a good quality CBD pouch. But how can you tell? Here's a short article on how.

Why use CBD pouches over CBD oil?

It's a question we get asked a lot, and with good reason. Why would you choose an oil that seems less hassle than a pouch that you have to throw out when you're finished? We think it comes down to a few reasons:

Better for exercise
Whether you're pumping iron, swimming laps or out for a morning run - CBD pouches don't require much more thought once you've slipped one between your lip and gum.

Better for travel
We're keen believers that you should be able to enjoy CBD wherever you are. But squirting a droplet of a CBD tincture on the bus, tube or even on a flight? We know it looks weird. Whereas with CBD pouches, they're pretty discreet - so you can keep a pouch in and keep your street cred.

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Better bioavailability
This is a crucial one. As the pouch releases CBD over a longer duration (usually 20-30 mins) via buccal absorption (i.e. against your gum), your body has better absorption of the CBD. With CBD oil, you hold the liquid under your tongue (or sublingual absorption) for a couple of minutes (providing a bioavailability of up to 35%). After that, you swallow where it hits your digestive system, so the absorption rate is lower (let's not even get started on edible CBD, which can be as low as 4%). Essentially: longer absorption = better bioavailability = greater CBD results.


CBD pouches vs CBD oil

Choosing between CBD pouches and CBD oil isn't really an argument as both have their place; it depends on what's better for your routine. For example, are you someone that's straight out of the door in the morning or likes to keep their day spontaneous? CBD pouches are probably more your bag. On the other hand, do you have a set time to brush your teeth, put on your morning face and want to enjoy the effects of CBD? Then, CBD oil is the choice for you. If you're still unsure, we'd recommend trialling both and seeing which works for you!

Where can I buy CBD pouches in the UK and Europe?

To answer bluntly, you can buy CBD pouches right here (clickety click this link). If you're looking for other reputable sellers, Google is a surefire bet. But you'll probably want to check a few things before deciding on which to buy!

What makes a good CBD pouch?

While CBD pouches are a pretty recent development in offering an effective way of enjoying cannabidiol (we're happy to say we're one of the original creators!), it's not stopped some providers from creating poor quality cannabidiol mixtures and pouches. We're firm believers that these suppliers don't only discredit themselves - they bring the entire industry into disrepute. So, what makes a good CBD pouch?

Check your ingredients
Make sure your choice of CBD pouch has all the ingredients listed and that they don't contain tobacco or any other nasty additives or chemicals. Need a list of what a nicotine pouch should contain? We've got you covered - clickety-click here.

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How do they control the quality of their CBD pouches?
This is a big one. While you're not eating the pouch, you're still consuming the CBD content. In the same way, you wouldn't order food at a restaurant with a hygiene rating of zero; you'll want to consider where and how the CBD pouch is made. Ask yourself: What quality control systems do they use, and how do they check these? Here's Our Promise as a reference point.

What's the CBD concentration in a CBD pouch?
It's a good idea to get a handle on the different strengths and concentrations before choosing a CBD pouch. There can be a delicate balance between getting a hit and feeling weird. More isn't always better! If you're new to nicotine pouches, we recommend starting low and seeing how you feel after half an hour. You can always move on up afterwards.

Do they have verified independent testing?
Third-party testing is not required by law, but it's worth its weight in gold when choosing a good nicotine pouch (we're sure this sounds boring but trust us, it's worth checking!). Furthermore, testing shows the company's commitment to producing the best and highest quality nicotine pouches.

One objective indicator of product quality is a Certificate of Analysis (COA), awarded by independent third-party companies. At V&YOU, we use two independent labs, which check for safety, compliance, and consistency - ensuring you get a pure and effective CBD pouch.

What flavours of CBD pouch can I buy?

So, we asked you which was your favourite CBD pouch flavour, and you, our beloved audience, had four different delicious tastes to choose from:

Berry / Juicy strawberry & raspberry with a light touch of summer fruits.
Mint / Clean menthol-infused and a refreshing burst of peppermint.
Citrus / Bright, sunny lemon with the zing and zest of thirst-quenching lime.
Natura / Grassy and smoothly nutty, the authentic taste of CBD - just as nature intended.


What are the top flavours of CBD pouch in 2022?

Get that drumroll going!

Your top CBD pouch flavours for 2021 to 2022 are:
1. Berry
2. Citrus
3. Mint
4. Natura

So there you have it - the Berry Brigade win it again by almost 100 votes (while there's around 50 votes between Citrus and Mint). We were pretty surprised with these selections - many of us had bets that the fresh zing of Mint would remain the frontrunner! 

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