CBD Dosing - how much should I take?

The amount of CBD you should take varies from individual to individual. With multiple factors contributing to an optimal dosage - including body chemistry, weight, metabolism, genetics and physical condition - finding the amount that works for your lifestyle and body is something you'll need to examine and adjust over time.

  How to Use

Using either the dropper or the spray, the most effective way to take CBD is to put the liquid under your tongue and keep it there for at least 90 seconds. Some people like to swish the oil around their mouth to get the maximum taste before they swallow, others simply prefer to swallow it. Resting the oil under your tongue, or 'Settling' as it's known, is the best way of absorbing CBD into the sub-lingual blood vessels. Swallowing the oil means it is absorbed into your system in the same way foods and medicines are digested into your bloodstream. Explore what works for you - try it and see.

  Start small

If you're new to CBD, we'd suggest slowly building up your usage until you feel the benefits. Wait up to 20 minutes to see how it affects you before taking more. We recommend a maximum of 2.5 pipettes of our CBD oils per day. If you've chosen the spray, we'd suggest around 10 sprays over 2 or 3 doses.

  See how you feel

Until you know how our CBD works with you, check-in with yourself. Notice any changes? What do you feel and, as importantly, what don't you feel? Any of that negativity subsided? When it comes to CBD dosing, less is often more. While some find they feel the effects immediately, it's more common for it to take several days or even weeks.

  Optimal amounts

If you're still not seeing your desired result after a week, slowly increase the dosage over 3-4 days until you get the results you're expecting (still - no more than 2.5 pipettes per day). At this point, you've likely found your optimal dosage, and you can continue taking this amount in the future.

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