What are the benefits of nicotine pouches (over smoking)?

Are Nicotine pouches better for you than smoking?

In October 2019, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) found that nicotine pouches are less harmful than cigarettes. However, the pouches do contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

What are the benefits of nicotine pouches?

BENEFITS OF NICOTINE POUCHESThe major benefits of switching to nicotine pouches is because the same amount of nicotine can be consumed without exposing the airways to carbon monoxide, which has a high risk of causing lung cancer. Other benefits include:

  • Free of tobacco
  • Comfortable in your mouth
  • Completely white - doesn't stain your teeth!
  • Packed with delicious flavours or available flavourless
  • Discrete - use anywhere!
  • Long expiration date
  • No need to keep refrigerated
  • An excellent alternative to smoking

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