How to find the right CBD product

The CBD industry is growing rapidly day by day. With the positive wellbeing potential of CBD leading the consumer curiosity, it’s no surprise to see a consistent flow of new products appearing on the market. Here at Vilosophy, we understand that choosing the right CBD product can be confusing. This guide will help you navigate your first purchase, answer any questions you have and enable you to integrate the use of CBD into your current health plan.

So, you fancy joining the movement of people taking control of their wellness by using cannabidiol (CBD), to ease anxiety, get better sleep, relieve pain, amongst many other health-related symptoms. However, the expansive variation of products available from CBD coffees to CBD vapes, from CBD gummies to the more traditional CBD oil is overwhelming and is often not clear on how much you should take and when….

When you have decided to invest in a CBD product it’s inevitable one will suit your preferences and lifestyle, but how do you find it?

Follow these easy steps to determine which product is right for you from our list of favourites:

What do you need?

Clarifying your reasons for buying CBD is a great place to start because this will determine the type of product, the strength and the absorbency you require. CBD has a vast list of therapeutic properties and so knowing the benefits and how they can be personalised for your experience is the best way to narrow down what you should be using.

Do you have pain or a long-term health condition? Are you struggling to relax or get to sleep? Maybe you’re dealing with anxiety and stress-related symptoms?

Knowing your reasons will help determine where the CBD needs to reach and what product would best suit that ailment.

How quickly?

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed by the bloodstream. Therefore, depending on the type of CBD product purchased you can expect to experience different rates of bioavailability. Some products offer a quick fix whilst others have a slower release effect. Keep reading to find out which one would work best for you.

It’s down to personal preference

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different hence why there are so many options to choose from. There is no set dose or strength that works for everyone, which is why it is important to do your research, buy good quality products and try different methods until you feel one that works for you.

It is imperative that you consult your doctor if integrating CBD into your current health plan that already involves medication or other supplements. The best advice is to start out with a low dosage and monitor the effects it has if you feel more is required you can up the dosage accordingly.


Vaping is one of the most bioavailable ways to take CBD. It enters the bloodstream through the respiratory system and can take effect in 2-5 minutes. If you suffer from any pain and tension, using a vape could help relieve those symptoms fairly rapidly throughout your day.

A vape would also work well for levels of heightened stress or anxiety due to the quick rate of absorbency. Vaping provides short term relief and so if you prefer a more sustained steady release, an edible or tincture would be more beneficial.

Oils and Tinctures

The most traditional and common form of CBD is through the hemp plant extract oil. This may come in the form of drops or sprays. Both are absorbed through the bloodstream and by holding the liquid under you tongue for around a minute, otherwise known as sublingually, the absorption rate is said to be sped up.

CBD taken in oil or tincture form can take anything from 45 minutes - 5 hours for the levels to peak in the bloodstream. CBD tinctures have a higher bioavailability, compared to CBD oil. This is due to the presence of alcohol in tinctures which serves as a preservative, which enhances the life of CBD.

If you’re looking for an overall improved sense of wellbeing, less anxiety and better sleep, oils and tinctures are a popular choice to ingest daily.

CBD capsules

This is a great way to monitor the exact amount you ingest on a daily basis and can come in different strengths depending on preference. Like other oral CBD products, it takes longer for the CBD to reach theendocannabinoid system but will have the longest active time, so great for those looking for more sustained effects from the usage.

CBD capsules may not contain as much CBD per weight as the other methods but can still provide the benefits and come in a handy, easy to take, familiar form.

CBD snus

CBD Pouches are inspired by traditional Swedish snus, except they provide you with the therapeutic properties of CBD without the tobacco. The pouch is placed between the inner cheek and gum and the CBD will release naturally and steadily. This method is discreet, safe and enables the CBD to absorb quickly into the bloodstream. This is great for daily use, as and when required, for general wellbeing, stress, pain or tension.

CBD topicals

This is usually seen in the form of skincare such as muscle rubs, moisturisers, lip balms and body oils. These products are for topical use which means the CBD does not enter the bloodstream as it does not penetrate the skin deep enough. Instead, it works directly on the area affected. The CBD released can help soothe, calm and moisturise irritated, itchy skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Now it’s over to you

The great news is there is definitely a product suited to anyone wanting to give CBD a try. Do your research, start with a low dosage and see which works best for you. Remember to clarify your reasons for wanting to use CBD to start with and decide which level of bioavailability is going to be best for your circumstances. Enjoy your CBD journey and we’d love to hear your thoughts or stories in the comments.

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