Nicotine Pouches: Busting the Myths

We all know that researching anything online can be a chore. There’s often a cacophony of arguments and counterarguments, not to mention downright fictions and fabrications, which make getting to the heart of any question more complex than triple bypass surgery. Fear not; we’re here to cut through the noise and take a look at the burning questions our customers have when it comes to nicotine pouches.


Nicotine causes cancer.


Nicotine does not cause cancer. It’s the tar and other toxic chemicals (such as carbon monoxide) in tobacco with carcinogenic properties. Today, it’s known that tobacco smoke contains over 70 cancer-causing chemicals. Products like nicotine pouches provide the nicotine your body is craving without the combustible elements that have been linked to cancer.


Using more than one nicotine product at a time is dangerous.


It’s OK to mix and match your nicotine products (it’s known as ‘combination therapy’). Studies have shown that it’s best to be prudent with your intake at any given time. An example might be using too many nicotine pouches in a day or plastering your body in nicotine patches.


Nicotine is addictive.


Nicotine is an addictive substance. When taken, nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood and affects the brain within 10 seconds. It triggers a series of chemical reactions that create feelings of concentration, relaxation and pleasure. These sensations are short-lived and subside within minutes. The addiction is physical, meaning people who use nicotine often crave the chemical substance, and the  mental elements, meaning users consciously desire nicotine's effects. 


Nicotine pouches contain tobacco.


Nicotine pouches are not snus and do not contain tobacco. They contain only the nicotine ingredient which is derived from the tobacco plant and crystalised into a type of salt. The products are then filled with cellulose granules to thicken the pouch and flavouring is added. That's it. 

Nicotine replacement products are as addictive as smoking


Most people find it easy to quit nicotine medicine after several months. This is primarily as these products deliver nicotine to your body more slowly. In addiction therapy, it’s recommended to use smoking cessation for as long as you required to kick the habit of lighting up a cigarette. Most find them effective over 12 weeks but remember - nicotine pouches are considerably less harmful than smoking, and no smoking alternative will work unless you want it to.

Nicotine pouches ruin your gums.

No research.

There are no studies to suggest that nicotine pouches increase the likelihood of gum disease or tooth loss, but there are no studies to show the contrary either. The primary cause of gum disease worldwide is bad oral hygiene and a diet of excessive sugar. If teeth are not brushed regularly, plaque accumulates and irritate your gums.

That being said, remember that keeping a pouch in your 7 hours a day is going to push plaque (from anything you’ve eaten or drunk) against your teeth and gums. We recommend swapping out the pouch after 30 minutes to avoid this.

Stop smoking treatments don't work.


Research suggests that nicotine pouches and other cessation products can double your chances of successfully quitting. All stop smoking treatments work better when used alongside a support programme, such as setting a quit date, speaking with a network when you feel anxious and making a plan for when you’re craving a cigarette.

It is too late to quit smoking. The damage is already done


Many of the adverse health effects of smoking reverse quite rapidly after quitting at any age, and more importantly, they don’t get any worse. Quitting smoking before the age of 50 can reduce your risk of dying in the next 15 years by half. The risk of having a heart attack falls by almost 50% after about three years. In the case of lung cancer, your risk drops by over half in 10 years. Stopping smoking today is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Nicotine pouches are not safe.


While there are likely nicotine products out there that are indeed unsafe, this is easily checked. Pouches that haven’t been rigorously checked for quality, safety or contain excessive amounts of nicotine can be harmful for your health. But (and this is a big but), this is the same with any substance. Too much caffeine can have adverse health effects. An excessive amount of alcohol can prove deadly. It’s all about choosing independently tested products with rigorous quality standards and, fundamentally, understanding what’s right for you. With V&YOU, you can rest assured that the science behind our products matches up to the reality. That's Our Promise

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We hope you've found this little article informative. These are the primary questions our customers had for us, but if there's something you'd like to ask that's not listed here, feel free to get in touch > [email protected]

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