Five things to check before buying CBD pouches

Five things to check before buying CBD pouches


What is CBD? 

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plants (and in particular, a low-THC industrial hemp plant). It's one of the hundreds of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Still, unlike marijuana or cannabis strains, CBD products contain only trace amounts of THC (another cannabinoid that creates the psychoactive effects), which is a legal requirement in the UK and Europe. As a result, many use cannabidiol to help alleviate a range of physical and mental issues, and it's becoming increasingly popular as more studies find out more about the compound. 

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How do CBD pouches work?

Whereas CBD oil is taken under the tongue (sublingual absorption), CBD pouches are placed between the lip and the gum and the oil inside the pouch is absorbed straight into the bloodstream (known as buccal absorption). 

Cannabidiol works by activating aspects of the endocannabinoid system (a network of receptors related to our central nervous system that regulates how the body responds to mood and pain). By acting on the ECS, CBD has various effects on the body, helping balance the body's overall physical functions (called homeostasis). 


Why is CBD so popular? 

We're currently seeing a boom in demand for CBD products due to their legality and scientific studies regarding their benefits. Especially in smokeless products, tobacco and nicotine-free. One of the products includes CBD-infused pouches, and if you're thinking about trying the product, here are three things you should know before buying your first pouch.

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1. Should you use CBD pouches or CBD oil?

One of the main issues in oral CBD delivery is absorption and bioavailability. Gummies, topicals and even oils are either metabolised too quickly or utterly skipped when absorbed by the body. This means you could be paying for a product without seeing the benefits. However, as CBD pouches are absorbed directly into the bloodstream over time (we suggest using the pouch for around 20-30 mins), the effects are compounded. So, cannabidiol has a more significant impact. Furthermore, pouches can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere (using the dropper with CBD oil on, say, public transport can look pretty strange!). This discreteness is a substantial reason for their popularity. 


2. How much CBD is in the CBD pouch?

Before you buy CBD pouches, you need to understand how much CBD each pouch contains. The amount of CBD in a product should be listed on the package. So, if the entire package contains 200mg of CBD and packs 25 pouches, that's 8mg of CBD per pouch. We've found that's probably too low to see any of the effects of CBD. We found that 20mg is the perfect amount to see results in our tests. 


3. What ingredients are used in the CBD pouch?

Next, you should look at the package to see the ingredients list. Remember, the more ingredients within a pouch (or oil, for that matter), the fewer effects and impact you'll see. This is because your body has to process all those other elements simultaneously as it metabolises the CBD, so in effect - you're diluting the quality and results with the more ingredients you add. 


You'll also want to see how it's been made and tested. A good CBD pouch is vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, contains no calories and doesn't have any genetically modified CBD inside. 

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4. How Much THC Does It Contain?

For a CBD product to be legal, it can only have below 0.2% THC content, but this hasn't stopped many suppliers from either misleading customers or not undertaking adequate testing to ensure this is the case. So what are the issues with having a higher THC content? Firstly, as THC is a psychoactive compound, it can create unwanted feelings of nausea or intoxication, but secondly, it's illegal and will show up on drug tests. This is why it's crucial to find a reputable supplier who provides independent testing and toxicology evidence alongside their products. 


5. What is the CBD pouch quality? 

One of the worst feelings must be if the pouch that holds your CBD oil breaks. Don't worry - it's not harmful, but the taste and the bittiness are just plain gross (and fortunately, you won't find this happening with our pouches). The pouch material has to be balanced: firstly, it must be strong enough to stay intact during usage but porous enough to allow an optimal release of the CBD compounds. While this might be difficult to test before purchasing, customer reviews are a great place to start in confirming your pouch is durable and long-lasting. 


Where can I buy Chill CBD pouches in the UK and Europe?

If you're looking to buy &Chill CBD pouches today, we're pleased to say you can get them right here! We've been making these little pillows of joy for the last three years, and as the original creator of them, you can be sure you're getting a top-quality pouch that's made with potent CBD oil without THC, tobacco or nicotine. 


We offer &Chill CBD pouches in four different flavours: 

Berry / Juicy summer fruits (currently our most popular flavour). 

Mint / Clean menthol with a burst of peppermint (probably this writer's favourite!).

Citrus / Bright lemon with a zesty squirt of thirst-quenching lime.

Natura / Grassy, nutty and delightful - the authentic taste of CBD. 


Still unsure of which to choose? Try our 4 x flavour pack and see what works for you!

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